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Spirit in ash-paul brown & the killing devils (wizards dawn)

Taken from Paul Brown and The Killing Devils latest CD Wizards Dawn.The “Spirit” in question is President Barack Obama and his triumphs in American economic management,domestic and foreign policies.I`ll let Paul describe it …”Spirit In Ash, which chronicles the life and death of Martin Luther King and the triumph of our President Barack Obama. Celebrate the amazing rise of a successful fight for Civil Rights and Freedom against immeasurable odds and obstacles. There is still much to be done, but the “Spirit Has Risen.” The United States is a wonderful place and its time again for America to…

4 Responses to “Spirit in ash-paul brown & the killing devils (wizards dawn)”

  1. This totally sucks!!! Paul Brown is a punkass idiot!

  2. Uncle Tom you are a pathetic redneck loser. The song and Paul are wonderful. Our President is wonderful and people like you belong in caves. Paul Brown is a great musician and this song captures what good people fight for every day. Why do people like you even exist when the world is filled with just wonderful people like and Paul and President Obama. Sarah Hughes

  3. Paul is a very creative guy and I love this song. The President is trying and it takes time for change. Barack and Paul are two of my favorite people. Melanie

  4. Paul and company played at Hanscom AFB to a packed house and showed great talent and respect for the military audience. These guys should be rocking the world soon and I am proud to know them. Good patriots and I also love the song for our President.

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