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Rand paul : senator jim bunning is right 3/2/10 – cnn’s rick’s list http WatchRichard Gage’s 2 hr presentation “9 Blueprint for Truth” using the scientific method to show that the 3 WTC towers could NOT have collapsed straight down at near free fall speed because of fires or structural damage. IF YOU ARE A SKEPTIC, THEN THIS VIDEO IS A MUST WATCH. Click the link below to watch for free: ’s Mission Statement ” To research and to disseminate the truth of the 9/11 collapses of all 3 WTC high-rise buildings to every architect and engineer. “…

3 Responses to “Rand paul : senator jim bunning is right 3/2/10 – cnn’s rick’s list”

  1. Joyce Hein says:

    Good to see that you are on record standing with what Sen.Jim Bunning was trying to do. I am sorry I cant say the same for most of the other Republicans. Where are their spines I am disgusted. They left him out to dry. This would have shown “the people” that Republicans are up to the task of CHANGE guess not.

  2. Unsurprisingly, Bunning couldn’t care less about any of it: “I have missed the Kentucky-South Carolina game that started at 9:00 and it’s the only redeeming chance we had to beat South Carolina since they’re the only team that has beat Kentucky this year,” he said on the Senate floor.

    At one point in the discussion, Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), asked Bunning to drop his objection. Bunning, according to Politico, had a two word answer for his colleague: “Tough shit.”

  3. ASHAMED REPUBLICANS…. calling themselves Bunning Democrats!!!! Bunning has caused more damage than anyone can imagine.. Republicans are just as unemployed as Democrats are!!

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