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44th president of the United States

President Obama FREE Homaidan.

By the name of the HUMANITY! By the name of the JUSTICE! By the name of the DIGNITY! By the name of the FREEDOM! By the name of the DEMOCRACY! By the name of the FORGIVENESS! Mr. President Obama ! FREE HOMAIDAN ——————————————————————– Know more: Homidan and his wife were arrested back in November 24 because of expired Visa the same thing happened to their Indonesian housemaid whom they brought with them from Saudi Arabia, because of the kids his wife was released however he was released after he paid 25, US bond, and that time he was a rested by 3 f…

3 Responses to “President Obama FREE Homaidan.”

  1. الله يفك أسرة عآجل غير آجل

    = (

  2. President Barack Hussain Obama … Free this man

  3. President Obama
    Obama FREE (Homaidan)
    Obama FREE Homaidan The SON for his mom
    Obama FREE Homaidan The HUSBAND for his wife
    Obama FREE Homaidan The FATHER for his kids
    Obama FREE Homaidan The BROTHER for his sisters & brothers
    Obama FREE Homaidan for his FAMILY
    Please FREE him

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