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Is Obama Weak, Stupid Or Complicit?(0)

Read Cenk’s blog on this topic: Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) talks about a new CBS News poll showing that 67% of Americans don’t want a tax cut extension for the rich. He asks why president Obama is backing down on his promise to not give more tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans….

Wikileaks – Bad Presidents sign bad policies that hurt good people(0)

Wikileaks – Richard Nixon signed 2 bad policies that hurt millions of people across Africa. Now President Obama will rescind them and start a new relationship with Africa based on mutual respect and Social Justice…

Global decision makers must have global experiences(0)

I’m recommending to President Obama to sign a New Policy to prepare Congressmen and Women and Senators to be global citizens and capable of making sound decisions that will empower all global citizens….

President Obama Speaks to Troops in Afghanistan-Latest(0)

During a surprise visit to Afghanistan, President Obama speaks to the troops at Bagram Air Base….

America’s First Family, The Obama’s(0)

From the ground up, the Obama’s are a class act, purely Patriotic and Dedicated, as well as conscientious and bright. America has taken a steep step up since the departure of War Criminal and Kook bush, and it will continue under his leadership. His family is charming and gracious, typifying a real American Family. We’re [...]

Not fearing the guy with a laptop and $35 website is REALLY cheap spin(0)

2010.12.01 – Fox & Friends Guest: Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary Talk about the “slurpee summit” or about the WikiLeaks case, and the White House really does a bad job spinning it all. This segment includes the now famous statement that the country should not fear a guy with a $35 website and a [...]

Issa: End Failed Obama Mortgage Program Now(0)

Today, Congressman Issa laid out the facts behind the utter failure of President Obama’s mortgage modification program, otherwise known as HAMP. We think it should end immediately, because the numbers show it’s making the problems in our housing market worse and delaying the inevitable for many American homeowners. 12-2-10: DEI Productions…

Malloy in DC(0)

(WTNH) — Gov.-elect Dan Malloy and other newly elected governors met with President Obama and other administration officials at the White House Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010. Here are his comments….