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A compilation of music videos and 9/11 footage. This video is for anyone who dares change the world for better. Made for college. I do not own anything but the compliation. Videos and Songs used: Songs: Bon Jovi – We weren’t born to follow Thirteen Senses – Into the Fire Videos: Nickleback – If everyone [...]

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Video Cam Direct Upload…

“president obama” launches yes, we care!(0)

Yes, we Care! is an alliance of businesses and charitable organizations that take responsibility for and actively work toward creating a more sustainable, peaceful, and livable world. Through Yes, we Care! businesses designate a portion of their profits to be divided equally among a number of charities that meet Yes, we Care! criteria. Companies that [...]

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Yes We Can … :)…

Barack obama – a work in progress(0)

This is a video I had to make for college. While some of the issues in the video are still under debate and so on, I really just made it cos it was an easy subject to string together so I don’t really care if he failed to live up to his promises or if [...]