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President obama discussed alternative energy 2010(0)

We are the world 25 for haiti 2010 lyrics on screen*(0)

We are the world 25 for haiti lyrics in description official video(0)

Dan coats visits fort wayne(0)

Former Senator Dan Coats visited Fort Wayne for the first time Monday since announcing his bid for his old seat, currently occupied by Evan Bayh….

Barack obama/no war freestsyle – no eggs no problem(0)

Tommy and Garrett from No Eggs No Problem attempt at a complete freestyle.

We are the world 25 for haiti(0)

Barack obama says the word nigger is good(0)

Mike douglas show commercial (1980)(0)

Television commercial for the Mike Douglas Show, featuring Robert Blake (ironic sound bite!), Erik Estrada, Marty Feldman, and Harry “KC” Wayne Casey. (1980)…