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War, healthcare & the bp oil crisis – contingency plans(0)

Based on the Patient stories coming out of the OVERWHELMED Department of Veteran’s Affairs (“VA”), it seems clear that the Plans for War were not accompanied by a Contingency Plan which considered the large number of Wounded Heroes who would return to the US with a multitude of physical and mental problems. When I watch [...]

Tom labonge presents obama proclamation(0)

Tom LaBonge, Los Angeles City Council Member, presents President Barack Obama’s Proclamation for Memorial Day 2010 at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood…

Obama visits fisher house(0)

President Barack Obama visited the newly-dedicated Fisher House in Hines, IL, during his Memorial weekend trip. Check out more DoD videos at…

President obama’s motorcade chicago illinois(0)

This video was uploaded from an Android phone….

Michael bennet visits new veterans housing facility(0)

Michael Bennet toured a new veterans housing facility in Grand Junction as part of his statewide veterans listening tour. Learn more at:…

Memorial day obama critics are …(0)

Vote Like or Dislike and Comment: [Washington, DC] — Obama is honoring fallen soldiers in Chicago but some critics are openly chastising Obama for missing the Arlington Cemetery wreath-laying ceremony on Memorial Day. Obama attended the ceremony in 2009 and every president does not attend. George HW Bush skipped the wreath-laying ceremony all four years [...]

War is good – obama nobel peace prize speech(0)

Former Loisiana State Representative David Duke exposes Obamas Nobel Peace Prize Speech. He essentially says war is GOOD. More Americans have been killed in the Iraq war then were killed on 9/11! Email President Obama and tell him to End The War NOW! Support the Troops! Bring them home! End the war – Now! [...]

Us soldier speaks the truth – war crimes exposed!(0)

Revised version of “WAR MADE EASY – THE SHOCKING TRUTH”. Had to make some changes. “Naturally the common people don”t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a [...]