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An apology to the united kingdom for the bp attack in the usa(0)

To our good friends and allies across the pond, the United Kingdom, please accept an apology from a multitude of Americans. President Obama, the Obama Regime, Democrats and the news media are all not reflective of many Americans. Their shameful behavior in attacking British Petroleum over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is [...]

Which president is for you?(0)

Which president would prefer? One out of Chicago thug politics who alienate our friends and allies by attacking our friends and allies? President Barack Obama. Or, a president who is a cowboy from Texas who alienating our friends by attacking our enemies? President George Bush. Link to PropagandaBuster channel: Link to PropagandaBuster Google Blog: [...]

Selma’s special comment calling out barack obama on bp oil volcano spill(0)

Selma takes matters into her own hands. If you think Obama isn’t acting as BP’s lap dog, here are a bunch of articles that you need to read NOW. Coast Guard and Administration Covered Up Video Showing TRUE Scope of Oil Spill Potentially Saving BP Millions: WATCH: BP Builds City For Oil Spill Workers [...]

Why not pick up the phone?(0)

President Obama will sit down with the president of Iran but he won’t even pick up the phone to call BP CEO Tony Hayward to talk about the worst ecological disaster in American history. Amazing….

Deepwater horizon – chronologie der katastrophen(0)

ARD Morgenmagazi, 9. Juni 2010 Moderation Sven Lorig Im Interview mit dem Meeresschützer Stephan Lutter (WWF) siehe auch: Boykottaufruf gegen ARAL und BP – Claudia Roth Weitere Informationen: Die

Obama sought to know ‘whose ass to kick’ on oil spill(0)

hey Barack, take all those secret service people away and let’s see how tough you talk then, you moronic puppet………

20 impressions including barack obama(0)

Me doing 20 impressions, I did them pretty quick, but i tried to get most of them spot on. Hope you enjoy and subscribe if you like what you see :)…

President obama on phone to bp ceo tony hayward(0)

Since the White House Press Corp insist that Obama isn’t “emotional” enough about the Oil spill here is exclusive open mic audio of President Obama angry while speaking on the phone to BP CEO Tony Hayward. We only hear Obama’s side of the conversation…