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John prendergast speaks to the oklahoma hold out(0)

Enough Project co-founder John Prendergast offers encouragement to the activists braving the cold and holding vigil, for days on end, outside Sen. Tom Coburn’s office in Oklahoma City. The “Oklahoma Hold Out” aims to secure Senate passage of the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act, which Sen. Coburn (R-OK) is single-handedly blocking. To learn [...]

Impressionist reggie brown the premiere president barack obama impersonator and look alike(0)

Impressionist Reggie Brown is the premiere President Barack Obama impersonator and look alike for corporate events, television appearances, parties, movies, comedy shows, and speaker bureau bookings. Reggie has appeared as President Barack Obama on Hannah Montana with Miley Cyrus, Lopez Tonight with George Lopez, and is appearing in Hollywood’s first movie about the campaign, “The [...]

Tom harkin: we all have our stories on health care.(0)

As Democrats usually do, Senator Tom Harkin used a sad letter to illustrate why we a 2000+ page bill to reform health care. The letter was from Raymond Smith, a farmer who claims his health insurance premium will be increasing $193.90 per month. Harkin did not mention that Raymond Smith is the brother of Dan [...]

Al franken(0)

1997 Late Late Show with Tom Snyder…I wish somebody would have told me not to have dubbed and redubbed all of my vhs tapes just in case I would be sharing them with a zillion people….

Camera showreel(0)

Tom Coburn – Cameraman…

2/27/10 – dr. tom coburn (r-ok) delivers weekly republican address on health care(0)

In the Weekly GOP Address, Sen. Tom Coburn, MD (R-OK) discusses the recent health care summit with President Obama and Democrats and why it’s important to start over on health care. Dr. Coburn says, “Im concerned that the majority in Congress still is not listening to the American people on the subject of health care [...]

Video update 4: what you can do if you can’t come to ok says yes(0)

Kenneth and Lisa from Resolve Uganda have an incredible team of Oklahoma constituents, Invisible Children roadies, and two remarkable Ugandans that have all come together for the Oklahoma Says Yes event in Oklahoma city. Our goal is to convince Senator Tom Coburn that the humanitarian crisis in central Africa is worthy of his engagement and [...]

It’s time to stop segregating people on the basis of their health(0)

Sen. Tom Harkin makes remarks on health savings accounts at White House health summit Is Health Care a Right or and Option to only the Healthy? Is Profits to the Markets Worth more then a Single Humans Life?…