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Got My Decision Points Book!(0)

I sped off to Chapter to grab my reserved book, Decision Points by George W. Bush. I can imagine that there will be a lot of book burnings going on by the religion of peace supporters, antiwar, pot smoking hippies and the Alex Jones and Ron Paul cult. The leftist Liberals, Palestinians, Osama al Qaeda [...]

Fireside: Death to Win Political Support?(0)

Mark Penn, a former campaign advisor to Hillary Clinton suggested Obama needs an Oklahoma City Bombing-like moment to reconnect with the country. Really, how can you talk about a terrorist attack on American soil as a good thing, and again, as an election tool!…

Obama protected David Headly from trail in India for masterminding the Mumbai attacks(0)

India’s “Bin Laden” that masterminded their “9/11″ is protected by Eric Holder and Obama. He lives in Chicago and will be able to parole in 22 years with a secondary plea deal he made to assist the FBI in their terror investigations. The problem, he was on the CIA payroll when he did the attacks [...]

Obama pays tribute to Mumbai victims(0)

US President Barack Obama pays his respects to victims of the Mumbai terror attacks as he lands in India on his ten day tour of Asia. . Follow us on twitter at ….

26/11 survivors seek answers from Obama(0)

Barack Obama’s first stop in Mumbai will be the iconic Taj Hotel, which was targeted by terrorists 2 years ago. He is likely to meet 26/11 survivors there, who have some pertinent questions for the US President….

Limbaugh: Clinton Smells Blood In The Water(0)

RUSH There Are Democrats That Think They Would Be A Better President Than Obama…

Obama issues terror alert for Election Day to sway voters toward Democrats (HD)(0)

Two packages found abroad that were bound for Jewish organizations in the United States contained a massive amount of explosive material that would have triggered a powerful blast. US officials believe that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, commonly referred to as AQAP, is behind the plot. President Barack Obama confirmed that the packages

Saudis Save Chicago Synagogues As Chicago’s UK Jewish Puppet Sells Them F15s(0)

Obama is terrorizing Americans in a international spy game to reinforce his globalist agenda. One of the packages containing explosive devices may have been meant for a North Side Jewish gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender congregation. The packages, which originated in Yemen, were intercepted late Thursday night aboard a cargo plane in Dubai, and the [...]