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Joe biden, israel & rachel corrie; soetoro= failure, bp, goldman sachs, economy, bribery(0)

The Stench of Truth (328).mp4 Joe Biden says what’s the big deal about this Israel murder thing! But he demands that Israel investigate itself, so there. Biden is a joke. Israel may have a fresh chance to victimize Rachel Corrie, at least by proxy since they murdered her, because of the ship bearing her [...]

Rahm emanuel, obama’s drilling moratorium, police, political, and preacher turds(0) ‘mf noon eastern…

My critique of president obama(0)

I have finally gotten around to giving my opinion of the president….

Pirate attacks bp : end the use of corexit 9500(0)

Out of growing concern for the welfare of fishermen, wildlife and clean up crews in the Gulf coast comes a call to President Obama to end the use of the toxic chemical Corexit 9500. Through the use of the deadly chemical dispersant Corexit 9500, BP is making the oil spill 4x more toxic. Why has [...]

Bp ceo attends yacht race as barack obama plays golf(0)

BP CEO Tony Hayward attends yacht race, while Barack Obama plays golf. Wasted Oil – Yacht Race Reaction –…

00bama: barack vs. bp(0)

Don’t make Barack Obama angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry….

Controversy: barack obama under fire for golf outings during deepening gulf oil crisis(0)

Obama ripped for his repeated golf outings as the Gulf Of Mexico oil spill crisis worsens. Read more about this developing controversy here: “White House: Obama Playing Golf Is Good for America” * Photo Credit: Description: President Barack Obama puts a little body English on his shot during a round of golf at Farm [...]

Congressman joseph cao on “face the nation” – part 1(0)

Congressman Anh “Joseph” Cao (LA-2) on Face the Nation on Sunday, June 20th with Bob Schieffer. Other guests include: Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.; Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.; and Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala….