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Hillary clinton was right – president obama missed the 3 a.m. yemen phone call on christmas(0)

Kanye west interrupts barack obama speech (mtv vmas spoof).flv(0)

Discourse barack obama orders changes after anti-terror lapses(0)

President Obama outlined Thursday the intelligence and other government failures leading up to the botched December 25 terror bombing of a US-bound jetliner…

Secy hillary clinton asks president obama – where the hell were you at 3 a.m. on christmas(0)

New barack obama speech adressing terrorism(0)

Barrack Obama Discussing the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas and on how future attacks can be prevented….

I am barrack, i’m the messiah(0)

I am Barrack, I’m the Messiah. Barrack Obama speech state union usa us united states military school students global warming conspiracy theory bush white house government congress house senate bill health care obamacare paul shanklin parody rush limbaugh…

Youtube poop – president obama’s most controversial speech yet!(0)

President Obama has really lost his touch when it comes to making speeches….

Part 1: president obama gives security update – 01/07/10(0)

Part 1: President Obama Gives Security Update – 01/07/10…