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This is my video rant to our Dear Leader Barack Hussaine Obama (mmm mmm mmm). I am very disappointed in this President. Like everyone else I was wanting Hope & Change but I feel Obama just did not live up to the promises he campaigned on. So to this I say Mr. President, You Suck!…

STRINGS On America’s VOTING LEVERS!! :: Glenn Beck Exposes THE PUPPETMASTER Of America’s Overthrow!!(0)

WHO writes 1000 page legislation that the Democrat-majority Congress doesn’t read yet passes? WHO pulls the strings of Progressive communist organizations in America’s schools, unions, and media? WHO is on the other end of Obama’s Blackberry that rings in the dead of night and changes White House policy? WHO is … The Puppetmaster? Watch Fox [...]

VOTE THE BUMS OUT! :: CANADIAN WARNS AMERICA :: The Progressives’ OBAMACARE Will Kill Americans!!(0)

Progressives (communists) in America are pushing socialized (government take-over) health care! Canadian Shona Holmes warns if Americans allowed the communist Democrats to have their way, their Obama-care will be like Canada’s socialized health care. Holmes would have died of a brain tumor if she have to wait (YES! RATIONED CARE!) in Canada. Fortunately for her, [...]


AMERICA IS IN DANGER MORE THAN EVER! The progressive (communist) Democrats are making their last push to stay in power long enough to COLLAPSE AMERICA into their “structure” of a China-like communistic slave state — BY HOOK OR BY CROOK!! Progressive in the now Obama propaganda leftist media are doing all they can to IGNORE [...]

YouTube-Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism.mp4(0)

YouTube-Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism.mp4globalism world government secret society nwo new order illuminati ZOG zionism isael hell heaven david duke barack obama barry soetoro president america uk uk fascism total control freemason societies prince hall russia white black…

White House seeks to remove Obama (OCT-22-2010) -OBAMA THE FAILED PRESIDENT.(0)

White House seeks to remove Obama (OCT-22-2010) OBAMA THE FAILED PRESIDENT…….

Obama’s Radicals Bombing Oil Execs? :: Gulf Coast – Send Your Tips To

Why is Obama ORDERING the Gulf coast oil shutdown? Why are oil executives being threatened and bombed? Why is the Obama Administration hiring foreign nation to drill for oil for more expensive and more dangerous conditions than the supposed Gulf area? Why is the self-admitted “thrill up the leg” Media NOT reporting all this EXPLOSIVE [...]

Unidentified 911 Murder Weapons – The Forbidden Questions(repost).flv(0)

This is the best 9/11 Truth video I have seen to date. Originally posted by EXOMATRIXTV credits The four aircraft which crashed on September 11th, 2001 have never been forensically matched to the four passenger planes which were allegedly hijacked that morning. Requests under the Freedom of Information Act have met with denials [...]