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Barack Obama Voters…(0)

Where are they NOW?!!! DWB facebook fan page:

Funny, Hilarious, CommieTunes – Ultimate Healthcare – Communist / Marxist / Maoist / Socialist(0) – Funny, Hillarious, CommieTunes – The Ultimate Healthcare Episode 4 – Obama Communist / Marxist / Maoist / Socialist / Progressive – Starring Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Alan Keyes, Dana Rohrabacher, Ronald Reagan, Michele Bachman, Max Baucus, Glenn Beck, Kathleen Sebelius, We the People, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi. Healthcare Reform, Reconciliation, Health Care, Socialized [...]

Card-carrying tea-bagger calls Obama a Nazi!(0)

During President Obama’s visit to campaign for Martha Coakely, a card-carrying tea-bagger and Scott Brown supporter explains the difference between socialism and fascism, and then claims that President Obama and Att. Gen. Martha Coakely are Nazis!…

Glenn Beck! THE RED-OBAMA PHONE RINGS!! :: Marxist WH Claims FOX News Wrong? TO THE BAT-POLES!(1)

In full view of the cameras, the DIRECT PHONE TO THE WHITE HOUSE never rings. For a whole year since it was installed, the red phone (appropriate color, BTW) never rings. ONLY Fox News, “fair and unafraid”(tm), would DARE challenge illegal alien Kenyan Obama, his marxist White House mao-ist malcontents, and the progressive-communist Democrats in [...]

New Foundation?(0)

When I first got this message from Organizing for America I thought to myself, “I thought the constitution and free market capitalism was a good foundation?”, I was horribly wrong according to president Barack Obama….

GLENN BECK’S RED PHONE RINGS!! Obama To Claim FOX Got A Story Wrong After A Year’s Silence??(0)

Need we say “OF COURSE NOT”? ONLY Fox News is “fair and unafraid” to report that Marxist Obama, his marxist White House co-conspirators, and the progressive-communist Democrats in majority control of Congress, are in the process of overthrowing the United States Of America by deliberate economic collapse. TREASON plain and simple! Of course these traitors [...]

ObamaCartel — Obama Has Created A New Cartel In Trading Bonds(0)

President Obama has cartelized municipal bond traders in America! Read more at

President Obama Is a COMMUNIST??(0)

Tell me in the comment section below. Is President Barack Obama a Communist?…