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BARRACK OBAMA sets up two spies!(0)

This is our first video ever, inspired by The Decimal Brothers. This was more of an experimental film than anything (we’ve never filmed or edited before). Enjoy! Oh, because this is our first video, put your volume up! The music’s a little messed… – Alex and Arrjune Comment, Rate, Subscribe!!! TheImperialCandidates The Decimal Brothers

President Obama 9/28/10: We Will Win(0)

President Obama speaking to the nation’s youth from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, on September 28, 2010. Watch the full speech here: Register to vote here: Find out who’s running here:

Barack Obama’s Aunt – Silence Broken (Her Status in America)(1)

Barack Obama’s Aunt’s views on her status in America and living in South Boston, MA. Personally, I think her arrogance, and ignorance are her best traits!!!…

White house call(0)

that if we can get 3000 people on the daily basis to call the White House about the Congo, the US president, Barack Obama, will have to address the current Congo crisis. The number to the White House is 202-456-1414. The hours of operations are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5pm. Two things [...]

More mao — 2nd barack obama official agrees with infamous communist mass murderer(0)

(Feb 2008) — Uh oh. Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom joins White House Communications Director Anita Dunn in praising Chinese communist and mass murderer Mao Tse Tung. Bill Clinton had his “bimbo eruptions” challenges. It’s looking like Barack Obama now has a growing “Mao eruptions” issue to confront. Props to Naked Emperor News for the excellent [...]