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Barack Obama Episode 1 – The Marriage(0)

The first episode of the Barack Obama series…

The Alyona Show: In Case You Missed It – Full Show Aug. 11(0)

Al-Qaeda is already working its way back into the pockets of Iraqi’s. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson discusses if this shows that Petraeus’s strategy may not be the success that officials have touted it as. Then Muslims are facing rising Islamophobia from their fellow Americans. Find out why the US is caught up in this fear and [...]

Fox News Misreports Obama Gay Marriage Amendment Stance(0)

20+ MORE examples of Fox News Biased Video Editing at 125+ MORE examples of Fox News Bias at This week, when a GOP appointed federal judge struck down Proposition 8, the California constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage, predictably, Fox News used the event as an opportunity to bash Pres. Barack Obama for supposedly “disagreeing [...]

NO SENSE / MONEY CALIBRATOR #10.wmv(0) WEBSTIE: In these TOUGH ECONOMIC times when unemployment is up and JOB SECURITY and THE AMERICAN DREAM seems to be at an all time low. it’s time to stop depending on others to fix your FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. The goverment wants everyone to go deeper in debt to stimulate the economy. that only makes the [...]

SIGN OBAMA Birthday CAKE FREE FROM Jan Brewer Arizona(0)

Send Obama Birthday Cake Free On Jan Brewer Arizona http To celebrate his 49th birthday, President Obama’s campaign would like you to sign his birthday card thanking him for all of his “accomplishments.” We have a better idea. Send the President a birthday cake that tells the truth. President Obama has failed to secure the [...]

Barack Obama backyard BBQ(0)

Grillin with the Obamas… is anyone happy…

Happy Birthday President Obama FROM Jan Brewer Arizona Cake! Send 1 free!(0)

Send Obama Birthday Cake Free On Jan Brewer Arizona http…

transsexual releases her hidden video of president obama sex act caught on tape(0)

obama likes it quirted on his face. exactly what she did to him. watch the full video at