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Michael Bennet Launches School Supply Drive(0)

Michael Bennet recently launched a school supply drive. Learn more:…

Barack Obama in NES, 2009(0)

Real Facts on Obama and the “Muslim” issue(0)

here now are the REAL BALANCED AND OBJECTIVE FACTS regarding this matter. (And these are NOT conjectures or embellishments, but confirmed and actual facts. That can easily be checked out and verified. All documented and certifiable things…) Very simple… It was a Muslim public school, and he was registered there as a Muslim. There’s no [...]

CONSTRUCTIVES – 07 Aug 2010(0)

The world is full of good news. The following are just a few … Over 250000 people sign a petition sponsored by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization at the website calling upon governments to focus on eliminating world hunger as a top priority. US President Barack Obama hosts a forum attended by [...]

Jim Himes at his Best(1)

As a member of the Democratic Party and true liberal I believe in Jim Himes!!! In DC he has been a loyal follower of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. He voted for the stimulus money, the bailouts of the auto industry and its unions, health care reform, etc. We need to support Jim so he [...]

American Polemic Vlog #1: Thoughts on Peter Schiff, Part 2 08/14/2010(0)

Part 2 of my thoughts on Peter Schiff’s failure to win the GOP Nomination for US Senate from Connecticut….

Dallas GOP Freedom Rally to counter Obama’s Fund-raising trip to Texas(0)

Stephen Broden ( ) running for Congress in Dallas’ SD30 against 18 yr. incumbent Eddie Burnice Johnson, spoke to a crowd of about 1000 at a Dallas GOP Freedom rally. The rally was to counter President Obama’s Texas fund-raising trip. The GOP rally was moved to Frankland high school stadium instead of a small park [...]

School Teacher Greg Howard Calls Obama Racial Slur – Oct 2008(0)

A middle school teacher named Greg Howard has been suspended after it was learned by the Jackson County School Board that he made and wrote racially inappropriate comments directed at Senator Barack Obama during class….