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Alex jones copenhagen births world gov’t framework despite fallout over science fraud.wmv(0)

Alex Jones breaks down the conclusion of the Copenhagen United Nations Conference on Climate Change (UNFCC), including the foundations of a new era of Global Governance– as evidenced by quotes directly from the mouths of Al Gore, UN Head Ban Ki-Moon and bankster heir David de Rothschild. Though new taxes have been levied and [...] interviews senator jim demint(0)’s Abby Alger discusses youth activism, conservative philosophy, and the state of the country with Senator Jim Demint….

Raw footage: columbia mo police swat raid – scumbag cops shoot pets as kids watch(0)

These pigs are out of control. It’s no wonder why they’re hated and given no respect. new world order nwo alex jones infowars prison planet barack obama ron paul david icke politics alan watt cops police state swat raid ron paul…


Michelle the blabber mouth say’s it again(0)

Michelle the blabber mouth say’s it again. Only this time .. in 2007. She admits they visited Africa 2 years prior. So this means it was shortly after Barack’s Senate run. There is a video out there where Obama admits it himself that He is not eligible to run for president because He was not [...]

The president is so dang funny !!(0)

No description can even come to mind for this video. I did it because Obama pissed me off on so many levels during this speech….

Ron paul vs barry soetoro aka barack obama(0)

Janet napolitano on times square bomb(0)

From: May 01, 2010 Season 1 Ep. 64

President obama is a real joker(0)

From: May 02, 2010 He’s cracked a few gags at a dinner in front of celebs and high-profile politicians. Follow itnnews on twitter at:FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for [...]