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Michelle obama – barack is a kenyan – obama birth certificate(0)

Look another video were she calls Kenya his home and calls him a Kenyan…This is to much…to sweet..Thanks Michelle your a gift that keeps on giving….

Président barack obama usa rev prpoht apost jean pierre ilolo ngomo témoigne, avril 2008 vts 01 2(0)

Président barack obama usa rev propht apost jean pierre ilolo ngomo, avril 2008 vts 01 1(0)

Barack hussein obama should have to show his papers(0)

I was working on a couple of blogs and i started to see a trend and if it didn’t sound like the lefts argument about Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate….

Rob schenck speaks at congressional news conference(0)

Rev. Rob Schenck speaks at a Capitol Hill news conference moderated by Congressman Randy Forbes, co-chair of the Congressional Prayer Caucus. 31 members of Congress, Democrat and Republican, participated in this event, announcing their support for the National Day of Prayer and urging President Obama to appeal the recent court ruling declaring the observance unconstitutional….


Michelle obama is stuck between a barack and a hard place(0)

You Call Tom Tancredo a racist for his statement but you don’t call Michelle Obama for hers. Why?…

Barack hussein obama vs arizona and his birth certificate(0)

Arizona move ever closer to making Barack Hussein Obama show his Birth Certificate. That big phony Bill O’Reilly and Chris Mattews just want to spin it and make you think that the birther movement isn’t going well guess what Bill and Chris with a little research you can find out how much you blow hards [...]

Barack hussein obama and hr 1503(0)

this is a bill that got buried in congress making candidates release there birth certificate and i can’t see why, What is Barack Hussein Obama trying to hide it is only a piece of paper but you and the democrats are so afraid of this that you turn to calling people racist and nut jobs [...]