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We Need Security Over Politics On START Treaty! President Obama Weekly Address(0)

December 18, 2010 White House

Ohio Is On Fire New Left Media Interview 11-30-10(0)

Youtube political filmmakers New Left Media is in the studios for an live exclusive interview. We talk Barack Obama, Joe Biden, cable news channels, and more. Visit to watch their exclusive videos filmed at big political events!

Jim DeMint: Jesus Wants Nukes for Christmas(0)

RUSH: Obama One Term President(0)

RUSH: Obama And Co-President Clinton Dead Wrong On Bush Tax Cuts(0)

President Obama Answers Question on Legalizing Marijuana!(0)

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Obama: “I Don’t Think There’s A Sense That I’ve Been Successful”(0) President Obama admits that his presidency has not been successful.

Rush Limbaugh EXPOSES ‘No Labels’ As A Liberal Group(0)