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Funny, hillarious, commietunes – episode 1 – obama communist / marxist / maoist / socialist(0) – Funny, Hillarious, commietunes – The Pilot – Obama Communist / Marxist / Maoist / Socialist / Progressive – Starring Barack Obama, Van Jones, Hillary Clinton, Diane Watson, Barney Frank, Cornell West, Planned Parenthood. See More commietunes and commieblaster Videos at…


The rescue, barbara boxer, dianne feinstein, april 25th!(0)

nicholezepeda’s quickcapture Video – April 17, 2009, 08:35 PM…

Democrats’ top 10 moments(0)

From crashing teleprompters to lost elections, it has been a tough year for the Democratic party. This video brings together a few of the high (or low) points….

President george h.w. bush & first lady barbara bush endorse kay(0)

On January 22, 2010 at their home in Houston, former President George HW Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush endorsed Kay Bailey Hutchison for governor of Texas. Kay is honored to have the support of two of the most beloved Texans….


1 timothy 2 daily prayer – chiefs of staff to sen’s feinstein & boxer(0)

Rev. Rob Schenck is in the Newsome Library at the Faith and Action Ministry Center to lead in prayer as part of our 1 Timothy 2 daily Prayer Sessions. In this session, he focuses on Christopher Thompson and Laura Schiller, chiefs of staff to California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer….


Sen. john kyl refuses to defend john ensign; sen boxer confirms ethics investigation(0)

(By David, ) The New York Times revealed that Sen. John Ensign may have ignored laws when giving preferential treatment to a lobbyist that was the husband of his former lover. Fellow Republican Senator Jon Kyl refused to defend Ensign when given a chance Sunday….


Up to our ipods in debt – thanks to barbara boxer(0) – Barbara Boxer’s vote on the Stimulus package has added $800 billion to our national debt. To repay the principal and interest on this debt, the average American will have to pay $280 per month for the rest of their lives. That’s like buying an ipod every month and trashing it. Chuck devore understands [...]

Barbara boxer forgets democracy(0)