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Health care bill by easter?(0)

President Obama is urging Democrats to pass a health care bill by Easter recess. Nancy Cordes reports rounding up the 216 votes needed may not be so easy, as some Democrats are having a change of heart….

Demint offers land grab amendment(0)

Sen. Jim demint (RS.C.) offers an amendment to stop President Obama from seizing more public land by designating them as “monuments.” Such action would immediately halt use of the lands for mining, forestry, ranching activities, and energy development which would negatively affect employment and local tax bases.Following his speech, the Democrat majority voted against the [...]

Nuclear option for healthcare (okay, semi-nuclear option)(0)

Jim Bunning Nuclear Option: Obama’s Own Words:…

Jon bon jovi united we serve psa(0)

Chris matthews: “the president is right”(0)

Hardball with Chris Matthews, MSNBC, 3-3-2010 universal health care single payer public option president obama…

Nuclear option for healthcare(0)

Jim Bunning Nuclear Option: Obama’s Own Words:…

Breaking news: president obama – american people waiting for us to act and lead(0)

03 March, 2010 CNN…

Excerpts from obama final push for health care reform. march 3, 2010(0)

Obama Makes Final Health Care Push, Calls for Up or Down Vote in Congress. Obama Says Time for Debate is Over, Says Democrats Could Use ‘Reconciliation’ Rules to Bypass Republican Objections. “[Health care reform] deserves the same kind of up-or-down vote that was cast on welfare reform, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, COBRA health coverage [...]