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Lamar alexander to president obama: premiums will rise under democratic health bill(0)

During the White House Summit on health care, Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, and President Obama disagreed as to whether the Democratic health care bill would cause premiums to rise. Fox News’ Jim Angle found Senator Alexander was right….


Lamar alexander gives republican health care remarks at white house summit(0)

US Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, delivered opening remarks on behalf of Republican members of Congress attending the White House health care summit. He outlined Republican steps to fix health care and challenged Democrats to take reconciliation off the table….


President obama premiums, profits, and the need for health reform(0)

President Obama Premiums, Profits, and the Need for Health Reform The President points to outrageous premium hikes from health insurance companies already making massive profits as further proof of the need for reform. Looking ahead to the coming bipartisan meeting on reform, the President urges members of Congress to come to the table in good [...]

Taking money from seniors is not a way to fund health care reform(0)

Republican senators emphasize that funding health care reform by cutting seniors Medicare is unacceptable. Any Medicare funds should go to preserving Medicare for our seniors not funding a new government program….

11/21/09 sen. mike crapo (r-id) delivers weekly gop address on health care(0)

Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) delivers the weekly Republican address about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s 2074 page health care bill. Sen. Crapo says, “This 2000-page bill will drive up the cost of health care insurance and medical care, not down, increase taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars, cut Medicare for senior citizens by hundreds [...]

Corker on fox news: americans should have “antennae up” regarding cost of health care reform(0)

10-23-09 – On Fox News Channel, US Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said Americans should have their “antennae up” regarding the cost of health care reform proposals being considered in Congress. In the first vote on health care reform this week, Corker joined a majority of senators, Democrats and Republicans, in rejecting legislation (S.1776) that would [...]

John barrasso and tom coburn discuss health savings accounts and small group health plans(1)

Sen. John Barrasso, MD, and Sen. Tom Coburn, MD, discuss how health savings accounts and small group health plans can be a part of a step-by-step approach to reducing health care costs….

Sens. coburn and barrasso discuss the democrats’ health care reform bill(0)

Tom Coburn and John Barrasso discuss Sen. Harry Reid’s health care bill that includes a “public option.” They also talk about government health care, rationing care, and Medicare fraud….