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Obama administration tries to sell huge deficit(0)

President Barack Obamas secretaries of defense and treasury are defending his $3.8 trillion budget to lawmakers on Capitol Hill. But you dont hear them talk about the $1.56 trillion deficit it would produce, or how they would have to borrow a third of each dollar they spend next year. And though lawmakers at the hearings [...]


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Medea benjamin: obama needs to re-energize the base!(0)

On Wed., Jan. 20, 2010, a press conference/demonstration was held in front of the White House. Its purpose was to assess the one year presidency of Barack Obama. One of the speakers was Medea Benjamin, cofounder of Code Pink, Women for Peace. She also served as the MC of the event, which was sponsored by [...]

Code pink protesting obama the new american war president(0)

Code Pink protesting Obama the new American War President…