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We are the world 25 for haiti 2010 lyrics on screen*(0)

President obama town hall q & a on health care in work comp(0)

This clip is from President Obama in a town hall meeting at Green Valley High School in Henderson, NV. on February 19, 2010. . In this clip he is almost asked a Question a lady has in regard to her experiences with Workers Compensation & Health Care in her state. President Obama dodges the topic [...]

Barack obama and clown hip-hop dancing(0)

We are dancing to “Buy you a drank” by T-pain. Obviously, the clown has better moves… But Obama is still cooler!!…

Pres. clinton hospitalized in new york – team hillary sends our prayers to bill hillary & chelsea(0)


Official statement from secy of state hillary clinton & cardiologist on pres bill clinton(0)

New yorkers rip barack obama over terrorist trials in nyc!(0)

(12.6.09) — New Yorkers are upset about the 9/11 trials being moved to NYC and the pain, circus and danger that they will bring with them. Anthony Tolda, an American patriot who is running for the US House of Representatives seat of the 2nd District of New York (currently held by Steve Israel [D]), interviews [...]

Tel-evil-sion part 19 {shapeshifters}(0)

… occult illuminati mason 2012 reptilian “chris everard” “david icke” “barrack obama” “kanye west gucci mane” “oj da juiceman” “wakk flakka” “t pain” “p diddy” tupac…