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44th president of the United States

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The Mac Macker Show (with Guest…Barack Obama) episode 1(0)

New Cartoon featuring one of the smoothest Hosts in the world…

A 9 Year Old Kid Shit Talking People & Obama(0)

This random kid that I DONT KNOW was shit talkin’ some kids and Barack Obama, our current President. OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA lambo is blue & all that nonsense….

Eat da Poo Poo (House Remix by Darkravers of Speedcore).wmv(0)

BARACK OBAMA BRINGS EAT DA POO POO TO AFRICA!!! House Remix by Darkravers of Speedcore. Enjoy and rate (Vocals are taken from the Video “Eat da poo poo” on youtube)…

Good Luck Charlie : Jerkin(0)

I Was Watching Good Look charlie And This Happens LOL Jerkin,Jerkin,Jerkin,Jerkin,JerkinJerkinJerkinJerkin,youtube, sex, sexy, hot, love, porn, president, 2008, 2009, winter, secret, omg, no, way, amplafitesttag, art, arts, bank, barackobama, bi, bisexual, blues, \ comedy, community, communityservice, concert, conference, convention, country, county, dance, debatewatchparty, design, development, drive, election, election08, entrepreneur, event, events, fundraising, halloween, haunted, , [...]

Cyndi Lauper – Celebrity Apprentice (Remix)(0)

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Barack Obama Drawing by Hidjdjdj(0)

Do you think my drawing looks like Barack Obama? :) Brown colored pencil…

Popping Popcorns with Cellphones(0)

Make popcorn with mobiles. Try it, it really works. activism advertising alcohol alternative-news ancient-history atheist bizarre blogs books facebook obama oil online wordpress youtube sex sexy hot love porn president 2008 2009 winter secret omg no way amplafitesttag art arts bank barackobama election election08 entrepreneur event events fair family festival field filmfest florida football for [...]

Pizza Getaway Prank(0)

Pizza man prank. Hilarious. justin bieber beiber lady gaga ke$sha youtube funny the life of little murder intense suspense cole brendan strong fight pissed fred hate family guy office lax lacrosse south park summer bored HD won punt tik tok taio cruz 3OH!3 Jay-z train soul sister eminem OMG usher gay obama barack music video [...]