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Ngn daily: bp, clean energy, and sloths(0) BP Releases Live Oil Feed After prompting from Republican Edward J. Markey, BP is now showing live footage of the oil leak on the seafloor. A little over a month ago, Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank into the Gulf of Mexico. The oil rig was leased by BP, owned by Transocean, and “operated” by [...]

How bad can the oil spill get?(0)

June 4, 2010 (2:41) President Obama returns to the Gulf today amidst news, the well has been capped, but with limited effect….

Bp, obama’s crude awakening(0)

US President Barack Obama is in the Gulf region today amidst increasing criticism over the oil spill disaster and his administration’s response. As the events unfold in the Gulf and oil continues to spread, President Obama’s poll numbers look to be headed downward. JP Freire says that even President Obama’s staunchest supporters, who at one [...]

The 3 minute download: dana goldstein, charlie skelton, jp freire and luke rudkowski(0)

The 3 minute download shows the highlights of today’s newscast. Today Dana Goldstein, Charlie Skelton, JP Freire and Luke Rudkowski discuss. Charges of a second affair dog South Carolina GOP candidate Nikki Haley, Dana Goldstein argues it’s time to drop the double-standard

Rip barack “miles tails” obama(0)

Holder’s bp investigation(0)

The Diane Rehm Show (June 4, 2010) The panelists discuss the criminal and civil investigations Attorney General Eric Holder opened this week into BP’s handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. CNN’s John King said there are essentially two main questions in the investigation: Whether BP had the necessary tools on hand and [...]

Cbs’s chip reid wants rage (white house press corps wants blood) – unedited(0)

According to a recent LA Times commentary, “When it comes to the BP oil spill disaster, the White House press corps wants blood.” In particular, Chip Reid wants rage. He would not let press secretary Robert Gibbs off easy and continued to ask Gibbs to define the administrations feelings toward BP as being either frustrated [...]

Issa: “white house isn’t telling the truth”(0)

Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49) responds to the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ claim that the White House was open and transparent on the Sestak issue all along….