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Roy Herron is a MARXIST – Redistribution of Wealth and Collective Salvation(0)

A vote for Roy Herron is a vote for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. If you read Roy Herron’s book, “God and Politics” you will see that he is in favor of the redistribution of wealth and believes in collective salvation over individual responsibility. We must do our part to defeat the radical democrat Roy [...]

Goddard Embraces Obama’s Increased Spending Mantra(0)

Terry Goddard refuses to reveal any detailed plans of his own on how he would balance Arizona’s budget or what spending reductions he would be willing to support to align expenditures with revenues. Like President Obama, Goddard proposes plans to expand government, while leaving very few hints on how the taxpayers would be able to [...]

Toronto International Film Festival :: Test Roll (HP, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite)(0)

Tomlinson, Ian, Pharmaceutical, Neighbourhood, Real Estate, Parkdale, Abortion, Parole, Phones, Mental health, Addictions, Gravity, NASA, Centre, Center, Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, Peter McMahon, Parkdale, toronto, Holiday Inn, TIFF, Motels, Hotels, Business, Donald Trump, New Jersey, Mean gene, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Obamacare, Barack Obama, President, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, part-time, The Nexus, [...]

WASHINGTON DC LIVE – “Thank God For Glenn Beck” Say REAL Black AMERICANS :: RESTORING HONOR 8/28!(1)

“Thank God For Glenn Beck!” PAST TIME for negro Americans to stop being duped by progressive-communist racism propaganda! PAST TIME for Americans with dark skin to stop being the “house niggers” of the socialist Democrat Party! PAST TIME for black Americans to FREE YOUR MINDS of the chains of black racism … and walk proud [...]

Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT): It’s A Waste Of Time For Me To Read The Health Care Bill(0)

Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and one of the key architects of Democrats’ unpopular health care reform bill, tells his constituents in Montana: “I don’t think you want me to waste my time to read every page of the health care bill.”…

Author of Obamacare DIDN’T READ THE BILL!(0)

Sen. Max Baucus, author of Obamacare, admitted that he didn’t actually read the bill. Surprise, surprise….

DEMOCRAT REMIX – Truck Man – Roy Herron TV ad – STOP HERRON – STOP OBAMA – vote for Stephen Fincher(0)

Roy Herron will help Obama and Pelosi advance their radical agenda to fundamentally transform America. Stephen Fincher wants to defeat the radical Democrats, not work with them. STOP HERRON. STOP OBAMA. The democrat party does not represent West TN. The 8th congressional district deserves better. The people of the 8th congressional district of Tennessee are [...]

North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan’s Cluelessness(1)

Miss Kay Hagan is doing a poor job of defending the “merits” of ObamaCare to a mother who has sick children and now has her and her husbands benefits cut down or completely out in order to comply with ObamaCare….