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Mclean county clerk candidate ? peggy ann milton(0)

McLean County Clerk Candidate Peggy Ann Milton’s opening remarks 11-16-09. Video brought to you by

?????????? ben cardin ??? ??????(0)

Irene nelson`s birthday-2010 – ???? ???????? ????? ???????-2010(0)

Irene`s Birthday-2010 at evening with Barack Obama and Barbara Boxer

Usa owes china how much?! ????????(0)

The USA owes China & Japan nearly a TRILLION dollars each. You must fear the dragon. US Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner fears the dragon: I Fear The Dragon By Reid Baer I fear the dragon the ancient demon as well I should feel its hot breath against the back of my neck dangerously [...]

Obama: resign – step down – quit! how to stop oil leak!(0)

Obama is the first “street punk” president of the US,…

Obama gives money to black colleges(0)

President Obama is unveiling a plan to increase funding to the nation’s historically black colleges, but one university in Washington is having mixed reactions. Gabrielle Jones has more….

Government surveillance, a personal story, pt i(0)

This is a personal accounting of the surveillance that is ongoing with me and my family. I sent this letter to President Obama, select members of congress, the press, an attorney and various other people at my descretion. This is a cleaned up “G” rated version….


President obama celebrates cinco de mayo(0)

“There’s some good craziness going on” President Obama Celebrates Cinco de Mayo does great accents Created on May 7, 2010 using FlipShare….