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Obama: “Republicans Messed Up So Bad” That Millions Are Still Out Of Work(0)

“There are three million Americans who would not be working again if not for the economic plan Joe and I put in place, that’s the truth,” President Obama told a crowd in Philadelphia. “The hole we’re climbing out of is so deep. The Republicans messed up so bad, left such a big mess, that there [...]

Obama hoping for a ‘nuclear’ 9/11 excuse to invade Pakistan??? Bob Woodward interview on BO’s wars(0)

Full Australian interview with American author Bob Woodward….. shows the lack of US strategy in Afghanistan whilst Pakistan is being made into an intolerable “powder keg” …a perfect excuse if only CHINA was not extensively involved with peaceful development + emergency aid in Pakistan …somewhat as Russia is involved in Iran….. all too bad for [...]

UFO spiral – mass mind control theory(0)

Extraterrestrial phenomenon or Military experiment for mass mind control, for the New world order. Norway in the early morning hours of Dec. 9, 2009 Ufo Spiral appeared in Nord Sea, ufo? angels? missile Bulava? maybe mass control experiments,9 Oct 2009.The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 is to be [...]

George W Bush vs. Barack Obama Political Parody(0)

My first attempt…lol. Hope you enjoy…

Glenn Beck vs Hillary Clinton Global Socialist Carbon Exchange fraud stoves 4 Africa(0)

9/23/2010 Glenn Beck Fox News Hillary Clinton’s Wealth Distribution Carbon Exchange Fraud The stoves last 2-5 years. Do they get recycled, and will the $ go back to the program or is it siphoned off by the frauds? What a bunch of socialist garbage. Tax payers buy stoves for Africa, and JP Morgan et al [...]

Rahm Emanuel Leaves Obama To Be Chicago’s Mossad Mayor(0)

All the rats are starting to jump the sinking ship…

Rahm Emanuel and Two Dead Fish(0)

A little bit on AJ and a lot about Rahm Emanuel and the Ego….

Tea Party Ad: “Come Home To God”(0)

a new organization, TEA PARTY PARTISAN FACEBOOK : tags tea party ad, Barack Obama, tea party, sarah plain, mid term election, 2010 mid term elections, glenn beck, Bible, Church, Antichrist, New Testament, Book Of Revelation, NWO, New World Order, Mark Of The Beast, One World System, Prophecy, End Times, End Of Days, 2012 Mayan [...]