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Westlife chatting to alan titchmarsh 15.12.09 part 2(0)

Pop Superstars Westlife talking to Alan Titchmarsh about Noble Piece Prizes, meeting Barrack Obama, Seeing Will Smith in Norway, about their new studio album Where We Are and Nicky and Kian’s dads passing away. Part 1 Part 3 … Westlife Alan Titchmarsh 15th December 2009 Shane Filan Nicky Byrne Mark Feehilly Kian Egan What [...]

President barack obama one year in office checklist 720p(0)

one year in office peace and security in Iraq Afghanistan failed nuclear weapons reduction failed Closing Guantánamo failed Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction failed Nobel peace price check president obama stop talking start acting © changetheworld…

Tiger woods, elin, and president obama beer summit.wmv(0)

Tiger Wood sees dark side of white women. Elin took Tiger Woods’ balls and won’t give them back. President Obama invites Tiger Woods and Elin to White House for beer summit. Will Tiger Woods get his balls back? Tiger Woods SNL Smith Now Laughing…


Wittman questions secretary of interior ken salazar on offshore drilling(0)

Congressman Wittman questioned Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, on issues affecting the Commonwealth. Specifically Wittman asked about the time-line for approval of drilling of Virginia’s coast and on issues effecting sportsmen…

Democracy now show recap with links to segments 1/15/09(0)

in connection with the killing of an unarmed African-American man shot dead while he was lying face down on the ground on the train platform. And Retired Army General Eric Shinseki, has his confirmation hearing to head the Department of Veterans Affairs. We”ll speak with journalist Aaron Glantz, author of The War Comes Home. Washington”s [...]

Now zad marine offensive(0)

ISAF and Afghan forces have launched the first offensive in Afghanistan since President Obama announced his war strategy. Check out more DoD videos at … Afghanistan Now Zad Marine Offensive ISAF President Obama troop increase surge Taliban militants al Qaeda dod defense military pentagon…


Dear mr. president & u.n., johnny got his gun(0)

This is for a dear friend, her son, and family, as well as to all of mankind. Having 2 sons myself, and having served in the US Army, how will I approach my sons on the subject of serving in the military. I have not crossed this road, but I do remember how head strong [...]

Michael moore on larry king live tears up over obama and afghanistan(0)

Please check out: Please subscribe to his channel. Here is a link to part two: Seeking an early exit, Barack Obama staked his presidency on a massive escalation of the war in Afghanistan, ordering 30000 more US troops into a bloody counterinsurgency with the promise to start bringing them home in July of [...]