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Where’s the 8 nobel prize money? 1/19/2010(0)

Clips from Robert Gibbs White hos press conference mrning after Scott Brown Wins In Massachusetts.Watch the music video at…

What does mr adnan oktar think about president obama being awarded the nobel peace prize for 2009(0)

Palin vs obama – double standards(0)

This video takes you juxtaposes Governor Sarah Palin and President Barack Obam…

Obama probably the best president in the world(0)

Change we cant belive in…

Obama wins nobel peace prize!(0)

Celebrating President Obama’s historic Nobel Peace prize. My blog:…

Big bird calls bullcrap on michelle obama and her husband the president(0)

From :)…

Obamanation: obama senior advisor we brought ‘enormous change’(0)

Welcome America & The World – I am Obama-Stein. I am Not The Guy In DC! I comment and talk about things that I have strong feelings about. If I piss you off because of my mask, outfit or for criticizing someone you like – that is your problem! Get angry at your gov., not [...]

Comedy show jay hind! barack obama : one year celebration video (deleted controversial hilarious)(0)

Jay Hind! Episode 41 : Segment 4 – Barack Obama celebrates 1 year in office with a wild video about china, osama and who else fellow black icon Tiger woods. Now you can die laughing because there has never been a funnier sight. Warning : this video lampoons current politically correct views on racism….