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Senator akaka speaks at the nha senate briefing – pt. 2(0)

Part 2 of the preliminary remarks from Senator Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, a long time supporter of hydrogen and fuel cells and advanced renewable technologies. The briefing was entitled “Solving the Market’s Dilemma – Energy Infrastructure for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.”…


At the white house with the president, coach saban, and the alabama football team(0)

A snippet of the press converence at the White House East Room with President Obama, Coach Saban, and the NCAA Football National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide….

The o’franken factor gets a call from deep throat — april 6, 2004(0)

Al Franken introduces Katherine Lanpher to Deep Throat, of Watergate fame. He has some news leads to pass along about Washington corruption. I suspect the voice of Deep Throat is played by Tom Davis….

President obama welcomes bcs champion alabama(0)

The President welcomes the Alabama Crimson Tide to the White House to honor their 2010 BCS National Championship. March 8, 2010….

Alcu compares obama to bush(0)

The ACLU has produced controversial adertisments that compare George W. Bush to Barack Obama. Recently, the ACLU has felt that Barack Obama has backtracked on his policies regarding terrorism trials….

Dnc 1996 9 – first lady hillary rodham clinton – part 1(0)

A fin montage f some of the worlds most notorious peopl! And a Loverboy song….

Dnc 1996 – 7 first lady hillary rodham clinton – part 1(0)

11 Febry, 2010 CNN News…

Dnc 1996 – first lady hillary rodham clinton – 1 part 1(0)

No description yet….