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Pennsylvania Candidates Hit Snag Did Not Plan For Large Body Federal Crime Victim Voters(0)

http , Full 9/24/2010 Open Letter Read Respectfully addressed to President and First Lady Michelle Obama, Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Candidates Dan Onorato Tom Corbett; Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter with courtesy copies to 4 Pennsylvania lawmakers who proposed 7/26/10 Bipartisan Pennsylvania Public Integrity Commission; Eric Holder US Department of [...]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2011 Nominees Named (III Stories – Wednesday, 29 September 2010)(0)

Please “like” this video, and apparently, I need to brush my green teeth. You kind of live and learn with the green screen and its lighting. Oh well. I do a news show. I try to make it informative and fun. Sometimes I even succeed :-) QOTD: Who is your favorite artist out of the [...]

Candidates Dan Onorato Tom Corbett Learn Names Crime Victim Voters Created by DHS Court Malpractice(0) see full 36 minutes Open Letter read during peaceful demonstration at CNN iReport http This is an Open Letter respectfully transmitted on September 24, 2010 by Roxanne Grinage HireLyrics Administrative Services on behalf of 322 families nationwide; 42 working class student and impoverished Pennsylvania Families. Everything I [...]

Barack Obama (Stoned?) Praises Union Auto Workers At Chrystler Jefferson North Assembly Plant(0)

Barack Obama praises United Auto Workers at Chrysler Jefferson North Assembly Plant while stoned and drunk in Detroit, Michigan….

Taking back America special & UM College Republican interview(1)

The segment begins with a “taking back America” special, including all of your favorite, smoking-gun Barack Obama audio. After, Charles from the University of Michigan College Republicans speaks to Matt about the conservatives on campus….

Appraisal Property True Value Investing Michigan Family Dreams Home Mortgage(0)

Home owners work hard for what they have. It’s up to state and local officials to enact policies that work with the people. President Obama has lead our country by addressing the issues he’s faced with to the best of his ability. Finding faults and making accusation will not benefit any of us. If we [...]

Nancy Skinner on Fox News 081610 talking about Dems Losing Support from Independents(0)

Nancy Skinner goes on “America Live” with subbing host, Shannon Bream to discuss why President Obama is losing support from independents. She also weighs in on Ed Gillespie’s comment that the president holds disdain for the American people. On the Independent voters: The generic party preference is a whole different deal than the specific congressional [...]