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Above His Pay Grade(0)

Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin needs help getting his life together. It’s not that he believes President Obama was born in Kenya- it’s that he opposes Obama personally and politically- and although the Army needs his medical skills to help the brave soldiers in harms way in Afghanistan- he would rather try to advance some bizarre [...]

Obama Calls An End To America’s Combat Mission In Iraq(0) President Obama has confirmed that US combat operations will finish at the end of this month. He insisted that the mission was changing from a military effort led by troops – to a civilian one led by diplomats. But the country remains unstable, with figures suggesting last month was the deadliest in Iraq for [...]

President Obama’s mind control game on the US people.(0)

President Obama and his fellow criminals have been playing a mind control game on the people of the US. It’s time that we let them know who’s really in charge. websites that I post on:…

Former marine sentenced for obama death threat(0)

A former Camp Lejeune Marine will spend the next eight years in federal prison for threatening the life of President Barack Obama. Kody Brittingham was indicted in February 2009 with threatening Obama’s life when he was president-elect. The indictment says in November 2008, the Marine said among other things that he intended to shoot Obama. [...]

Barack obama attacks bp for oil spill(0)

Barack Obama threatens BP and David Cameron with Airforce One and the US Marine Corps as tensions rise over the Gulf oil spill….

George w. bush vs. barack h. obama greeting marines!(0)

You can see clearly who was more respected….

Top stories for may 28(0)

President Obama visits the site of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill; marine scientists fear a large plume of oil was caused by using chemical dispersants; and almost 7000 National Guard Soldiers prepare to deploy. Check out more DoD videos at…

Us decision to approve killing of american muslim islamist traitors!!!(0)

About fucking time to kill these inbred mongroid breeds. The man is Anwar al-Awlaki a so called American Muslim Cleric & this has caused some unease. John F. Tierney D-MA is concerned that we may be violating Anwar’s “civil right”. You got to be fucking kidding me!!! The man is a terrorist hiding in Yemen [...]