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Corrupt leftist barbara boxer: you know what the real issue is in climate-gate? e-mail theft(0)

americasnewstoday.Com Corrupt Leftist Barbara Boxer: You Know What the Real Issue Is In Climate-gate? E-mail Theft 12-02-09…

Evan bayh: flaming leninist(0)

Laura Ingraham Calls Him Out on the Hypocrisy That Has Characterized His Entire Career. I would say that she destroyed the myth of the Blue Dog Dem, but Bayh already did that. Special thanks to for grabbing the video and getting it to me. Evan Bayh must be stopped, if not strung-up Mussolini-style…


O’reilly, goldberg on barack obama and jeff zucker: two leftist screw ups from harvard(0)

AmericasNewsToday.Com Bill O’Reilly, Bernie Goldberg on Barack Obama and Jeff Zucker: Two Harvard Leftist Screw Ups Who Think There’s No Consequences to Their Actions 01-11-10 NBC, Jay Leno…

Air america: we’ve been cheneyed by a guy named barack obama(0)

Baghdad bob [robert gibbs]’s short-term memory lapse on anti-bush leftist-scum protesters(0)

AmericasNewsToday.Com Baghdad Bob [Robert Gibbs]’s Short-Term Memory Lapse on anti-Bush Leftist-Scum Protesters…

Barack obama is a murderer – fuck this troop increase(0)

Obama is going to expand the number of troops in Afghanistan….

Hbo presents “by the people: the election of barack obama”(0)

This “documentary” (propaganda, more like it) is part of the mainstream media’s fairy tale that Obama is an “outsider” elected “by the people.” In fact, he is the product of the infamous, corrupt Chicago Democratic Party machine. He’s as dirty (and “inside”) as any Chicago-groomed politician ever was. Check out this 2008 article, NOT from [...]

Rush limbaugh – the idiocy of the left(0)

… “Rush Limbaugh” EIB “Barrack Obama” “Leftist Bloggers” “Liberal Media” MSNBC ABC CBS CNN NBC “Associated press” “Media Matters” Democratic Democrat Liberalism Conservatism Conservative Republican “Fox 40″ America “United States” “Freedom and Liberty”…