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US Senate Passes Border Bill(0)

The US Senate passed legislation to strengthen its border security with Mexico. President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law. The US Senate passes legislation to strengthen security along the border with Mexico, trying to tackle the politically sensitive issue of illegal immigrants ahead of November congressional elections. Democrat Charles Schumer was one [...]

President Obama Signing the Manufacturing Enhancement Act of 2010(0)

President Obama Manufacturing Enhancement Act Economy Jobs People President Obama signs into law the Manufacturing Enhancement Act of 2010 legislation that will help American companies better compete in the global economy create new jobs and strengthen the economy…

White House honors newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan(0)

President Barack Obama ’91 hosted a reception for Justice Elena Kagan ’86 at the White House, following her confirmation to the Supreme Court on August 5, 2010….

President Obama Supreme Court Justice Kagan Confirmation(0)

President Obama on Elena Kagan’s Confirmation The President commends the Senate for confirming Elena Kagan to be the next Justice on the Supreme Court in a statement from Chicago, IL….

President Obama Supreme Court Justice Kagan Confirmation Reception(0)

President Obama and Justice Elena Kagan speak at a reception honoring Justice Kagan following her confirmation to the Supreme Court at the White House Reception…

Immigration enforcement told not to enforce illegal immigration, focus on fake Obama terrorism(0)

A president that refuses to enforce America’s soverignty, autonomy, and independence. Barack Obama does not like the America you grew up in, and is doing all he can to turn it into a European style psued-democratic socialist regime. The president does not make laws in America he is to uphold them. Obama makes laws like [...]

Elena Kagan Loves Righties(0)

Elena Kagan is sworn in as Supreme Court judge Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts (R) administers the Constitutional Oath of office to Elena Kagan (L) at the Supreme Court – 7 August 2010 Ms Kagan brings to three the number of female justices currently on the Supreme Court Elena Kagan has been sworn in [...]

President Obama on Elena Kagan’s Confirmation as 112th Justice of the Supreme Court(0)

On August 5, 2010, President Barack Obama HLS ’91 gave a statement from Chicago, Illinois, commending the Senate for giving Elena Kagan HLS ’86 a “full, fair and timely hearing” en route to her confirmation as the 112th Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Kagan is the 20th Harvard Law School alumnus to serve [...]