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Nazi obama(0)

Photo taken of US President at a Nazi rally . NAZI OBAMA . President of the united states Nazi Obama…

Secret service investigates obama effigy in georgia(0)

A spokesman for the US Secret Service says the agency is investigating an effigy of President Barack Obama found hanging from a building in the hometown of former President Jimmy Carter. ….

Barack obama and bill clinton affair in bed(0)

two prominent political figures are discovered together IN BED…

Harry reid’s slavery – civil rights history lesson(0)

lies from now on, we will know who taught him how to lie! … Harry Reid racist racism Equal Rights 1964 Civil Right Bill Blacks black Senator Robert Byrd KKK member Ku Klux Klan socialist racial profiling discrimination white oppose protest protesters of Health Care Reform hate hateful slavery Slave Owners republican democrat Southern Democrats [...]

Sina turner feat. schwartzfoundation “lambada yo mama”(0)

diego armando maradona xxx golshifteh farahani amadinejad salma hayek lagerfeld latino latina dnk amsterdam asa soltan rahmati fessenjoon avelas koen nutters … lambada yo mama sina turner feat street domination the wooden constructions king kong kobra kkk shirin neshat lady bitch ray wu tang brothers kurak but barack obama fidel castro madonna bong michael jackson [...]

Racist michelle obama image on google(0)

Welcome America & The World – I am Obama-Stein! I am registered as an Independent. Do not blame me for this government screw ups! The media is acting like this is something “NEW”, because it is the First Lady? Made up or unreal photos have been around long before President Obama and his wife Michelle [...]

Racist assholes – threatening comments(0)

and mainly Jewish people, are a waste and should just put a gun to their temple and pull the trigger. … racist racism zionism zionist skin head KKK nazi black white indian hispanic redneck jew israel jewish israeli homeland religious religion tolerance Holocaust muslim arab military army marines navy Afghanistan iraq middle east Conservative Liberals [...]

The corrupt barack obama and the corrupt planned parenthood(0)

Planned Parenthood covers up statutory rape on kids and Planned Parenthood Employees Accept Money from “Racist” Donor. The KKK was part of the left-wing Democratic Party but Barack Obama loves him some Planned Parenthood.Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger spoke at a 1926 Ku Klux Klan rally and was a devout racist but Barack Obama loves [...]