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Josh as president obama(0)

Josh chose to be President Obama at the earths Academy first grade America the Beautiful show…

We are the world 25 for haiti 2010 lyrics on screen*(0)

Sec. shaun donovan promises action and forthcoming decision on metropole fair housing complaint(0)

During visit to Cincinnati, OH, on Thursday February 18, 2010, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan responds to Fair Housing and Discrimination complaint filed by the Metropole Tenant Association. States that the complaint is still being looked at and that HUD will affirmatively address to preserve Fair housing. For more information, visit Feel free to call [...]

We are the world 25 for haiti lyrics in description official video(0)

We are the world 25 for haiti(0)

Atheism examined– christian/atheist debate(0)

Christian Apologist Jeff Durbin spoke at a lecture. An atheist began to debate him. This is a clip of some of the audio from the conversation….

On rick, kay & debra(0)

After viewing the Republican Gubernatorial Debate for the state of Texas, Snooper, Loki, Karen and I discussed the three candidates and pondered over which candidate was the least dishonest. We laughed at Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison as they tried to prove to the voter who was less liberal. Debra Medina so far appears [...]

Something about us (part 1 of 2)(0)

Powerful and emotional film – in 2 parts – content made entirely by people on the autistic spectrum. Contributors include Alex Tanner, AMBaggs and Fey, Anya Ustaszewski, Camille Clark (Autismdiva), Charlotte Stace, Dinah Murray, Anonymous (aged 12), Ed Stirman, Josh Muggleton, Jypsy (Janet Norman-Bain), Karita Guzik, Larry Arnold, Paula Durbin-Westby, Ralph Smith, Richard Chandler, Roger [...]