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Unemployment Extensions Senate TEIR 5 AUG 11 2010(0)

AMERICANS WANT TO WORK BUT WHERE ARE THE JOBS…… AMERICANS ARE disappointed and disgusted Obama can’t wave a magic wand Didn’t Obama himself say he can’t wave a magic wand and fix things (in addition to saying he wasn’t Superman It’s not leadership. voters eventually will discover that you’re “preying on their fears” and turn [...]

DO NOT VOTE for Roy Herron – He will Vote with Nancy Pelosi – STOP OBAMA – Vote for Stephen Fincher(0)

We must elect someone who will take a vote away from Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives. The democrats have proven to stick together at all cost and Roy Herron will be no different. A vote for Roy Herron is a vote for Barack Obama. West Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District should be represented by [...]

Why hasn’t Hickenlooper endorsed Bennet?(0)

US Sen. Michael Bennet has cited his experience working with Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper in his campaign ads, In April, Hickenlooper (running for governor of Colorado) spoke highly of Bennet and of Bennet’s Democratic primary challenger, Andrew Romanoff, but has not endorsed either one….

Barack Obama vs. John McCain : The Great Fight(0)

Watch Obama get knocked out easily!…

First Debate Clinton-Spencer, 2006 – Part1(0)

The first New York Senatorial Debate between incumbent Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and former Mayor of Yonkers John Spencer in Rochester, New York, 2006….

Elena Kagan Loves Righties(0)

Elena Kagan is sworn in as Supreme Court judge Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts (R) administers the Constitutional Oath of office to Elena Kagan (L) at the Supreme Court – 7 August 2010 Ms Kagan brings to three the number of female justices currently on the Supreme Court Elena Kagan has been sworn in [...]

Democrats Discuss Next Steps on Energy & Oil Spill Legislation(0)

At a press conference in the US Capitol today, Senate Democrats discussed the next steps for a clean energy bill. Republicans are blocking 700000 clean energy jobs, but they’re protecting tax breaks for CEOs who ship American jobs overseas. “It’s a terrible disappointment,”said Reid. “But everyone should understand we are not giving up on energy.”…

Dosseir of Barack Obama Barry Soetoro(0)

Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro Dossier … I don’t know how much of this is true but if even one accusation is true it wouldn’t be good. Please watch and read this with an open mind. This will be pulled very quickly. YOU BETTER WATCH THIS FAST, IT WILL BE REMOVED SOON!!!! … FAIR USE……