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Billions and billions.wmv(0)

The billions refers to tax subsidies paid to companies which are outsourcing American jobs. During Bush’s Republican Regimist Reign of Terror, Republicans voted to pay companies subsidies – our American Tax Dollars! – to get rid of our jobs (outsourcing). Why can I not find any concrete figure on how many billions are getting paid [...]

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Senator jim demint signing autographs(0)

Senator Jim Demint Signing Autographs. For authentic Jim Demint autographs please visit us at or visit us on Ebay at:…

Is washington broken?(0)

Senators Lindsay Graham (RS.C.) and Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) were joined by Politico Executive Editor Jim vandehei and Washington Post’s Dan Balz discuss the state of Washington with Bob Schieffer….

Cpac: senator demint introduces marco(0)

Sen. Jim demint (R-SC) introduces Marco at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)….

Daniel mongiardo – fighting for us(0)

In 2004, Daniel Mongiardo took on the failed policies of Bunning/Bush. So, when Jim Bunning blocked unemployment benefits for 120000 Kentuckians, Daniel took on Bunning again. Called Bunnings actions a disgrace.” Led rallies in Louisville and Lexington. He stood up for Kentucky workers

Many republican senators “honor” & “admire” senator bunning crazy fight against suffering americans(0)

Rand paul – bluegrass values(0)

Latest Rand Paul Ad. Dr. Rand Paul is a Republican running for the Kentucky US Senate seat being vacated by conservative Jim Bunning in 2010. Learn more at…