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Laura Ingraham – Janet Napolitano To Charlie Rose, Your Body Is A Wonderland(0)

Laura does a short funny bite on Janet Napolitano, I love the roller derby line. Your Body is a Wonderland Lyrics

Napolitano Wants Americans to Be Partners With TSA in Their Gropings(0)

Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, wants Americans to partner up with TSA in their own gropings. No thanks, Janet….

Don’t Touch My Junk, No Gays in TSA and why all that is backass.Word.(0)

After the “Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality” (AFTAH) initiated the request for No Gays in TSA, Sally Hall gets in on the discussion (shared by Hillary Clinton and Janet Napolitano), appreciating AFTAH for acknowledging we all can benefit and feel safe in body scans and “body pat downs” if we can have a choice [...]

Hillary Clinton Comments On Patdowns By TSA(0)

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton tells Bob Schieffer that “there is a need” for the new screening process enforced by the TSA, because terrorists “keep getting more creative.” However, when asked if she would agree to one of these “patdowns,” she replied: “Not if I could avoid it.”…

Dont Touch My Junk: The Underwear Interviewer(0)

After being refused entry to the Janet Napolitano speaking event, WACC takes to the street and takes it off to awaken people to the dangers of Body Scanners….

DHS, the TSA, and T&A – “Groped and Radiated”(0)

Janet Napolitano has our backs… and fronts… and inner thighs……


The TSA and T&A – Groped and Radiated(0)

Janet Napolitano has our backs… and fronts… and inner thighs……