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Presidente Obama – It Gets Better(0)

Um Presidente corajoso! Viva Barack Obama! Presidente Obama, como parte do Projeto It Gets Better “Melhor É Impossível”, compartilha sua mensagem de esperança e de apoio à juventude GLBT que estão lutando mesmo sendo intimidados. Obama pode não ser perfeito, mas é exatamente por isso que eu apoio ele. Ele cuida. Você acha que Lula [...]

President Obama: “Put It In D”(0)

President Obama speaks to tens of thousands of supporters in Columbus, Ohio, about the choice voters face in the 2010 elections. Get involved, at…

President Obama: It Gets Better [HD](0)

s part of the It Gets Better Project, President Obama shares his message of hope and support for LGBT youth who are struggling with being bullied…

President Obama- It Gets Better (Subtítulos en Español) (Spanish subs)(0)

Mensaje del Presidente de EEUU Barack Obama parte de la campaña “It gets better” (Se pone mejor) motivando a los jóvenes discriminados a no perder la esperanza….

If We Could Tone It Down A Bit? | Nope!(0)

President Barack Obama’s job approval 47% – 47%. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert hosted this weekend’s Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear protest. President Obama is trying last ditch effort to rally core Democratic voters! Even though the Democrats passed the stimulus, hate crime laws, equal pay for women and health care reform, the [...]

President Barack Obama, Jon Stewart, and The People They Were Waiting For…(0)

Obama and Stewart lament their failure to appear when summoned by themselves… on The Daily Show….

Here is my two cents on how to reduce the number of Abortions. Part 2 of 2(0)

• Real Catholic TV, it seems dose not like President Barack Obama. One reason it appears at least to me. He supports freedom of choice. You would think they would like that right. Well the freedom of choice I’m talking about in this video is the freedom to have an abortion. It seems like Mr. [...]

Obama to skip Bangalore(0)

President Obama is likely to skip Bangalore during his visit to India.