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Hillary clinton ,middle east and beyond(0)

New US secretary ,Hillary Clintons approach to middle east issues with especial focus on Israeli borders and Gaza….

“we are special”(0)

America 2009: Rahm Israel Emanuel lights The National Menorah. The Cross of Christ, our Lord and Saviour, is out. The Menorah, symbol of the Jews refusal to assimilate, is in. … Menorah Chabad Puppet Obama Conspiracy Protocol Chosen People Rahm Israel Emanuel…


Israel – the movie | + 18 ,not for children!!!(0)

? For supporting Israeli crimes against humanity? For denying the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinian people? For allowing the Israeli soldiers to rape Muslim children? the blindness of some people is really a pitty and a disgrace to the good sense. … Israel israeli soldiers wold war palestine germany hitler holocaust gaza barack obama nobel [...]

Rod blagojevich uncensored(0)

non-violent American revolution of ideas has begun. Keep resisting the New World Order, and BE the change you wish to see in this world! … Human Rights Mother Detained Hiker Makes Christmas Plea DNS server Twitter Hacked Iranian Cyber Army COP15 Copenhagen Yvo de Boer De Global Warming Denmark COP-15 Bella Center Barack Obama us [...]

Barack obama addresses copenhagen conference itn(0)

President Barack Obama says America will keep its promises on climate change Iran 27 Azar 88 Dec 18, 2009 ج

Barack obama addresses copenhagen conference(0)

Iran 27 Azar 88 Dec 18, 2009 ج

This is offensive to me & i am pissed off – get use to it!!!(0)

” in DC!!! Do not get pissed off at me for the mess of this gov. and Pres.! You can’t have it both ways liberals or conservatives! I have offended a few folks out there with my question Pres. Obama, wearing my Obama-Stein outfit and with some of the photos that I use. Only when [...]

Pelosi: no health care ’scam’ deal this year(0)

the central Democratic themes for the coming year and that public support for health care reform will rebound once a bill has been sent to President Barrack Obama. Don’t count on it Nancy! First her claim of “deficit reduction” is an (out right lie). It had already predicted a week ago that the Federal gov. [...]