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Defense Secretary Gates Dismisses Threat of Military Force Against Iran as Sole Deterrence(0)

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Monday that there are other ways aside from threat of military force to deter Iran from pursuing its nuclear program. Gates said, “I disagree that only a credible military threat can get Iran to take the actions that it needs to, to end its nuclear weapons program. We [...]

Fireside: Death to Win Political Support?(0)

Mark Penn, a former campaign advisor to Hillary Clinton suggested Obama needs an Oklahoma City Bombing-like moment to reconnect with the country. Really, how can you talk about a terrorist attack on American soil as a good thing, and again, as an election tool!…

Indians greet Obama with Protests, 06 Nov 2010(0)

Peace activists in different states of India have staged massive protests against US President Barack Obama’s visit to the country. The protests come as the US president has embarked on a three-day visit to boost business with India. In reaction to the visit, victims of a toxic tragedy in the city of Bhopal held a [...]

Qadaffi about Kurds(0)

Muammar al-Gaddafi (of Libya) criticizes Barack Obama and his Change campaign….

Hey Barack Obama, ‘NO YOU CAN’T!!’ America Has Spoken!!(0)

Ex-Iran Guard Says Iran Will Nuke Israel. The Cross….

Violence in Sapucaia, Para – Brazil(0)

A wake up call to Brazilians and North American Allies, MST a Militia Affiliated to Farc What you are about to watch has not happened in World War II, neither on any conflict in the Middle East. It was right in South America, Brazil. The culprits in Pará, MST (Landless Movement), vandalizing, destroying criminally just [...]

The Barack Obama – The Crazy Fun – Happy President of USA(0)

Barack Obama the President of USA…

Saudis Save Chicago Synagogues As Chicago’s UK Jewish Puppet Sells Them F15s(0)

Obama is terrorizing Americans in a international spy game to reinforce his globalist agenda. One of the packages containing explosive devices may have been meant for a North Side Jewish gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender congregation. The packages, which originated in Yemen, were intercepted late Thursday night aboard a cargo plane in Dubai, and the [...]