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Us attorney general eric holder visits youth uprising in east oakland(0)

California Endowment and Building Healthy Communities East Oakland presents US Attorney General Eric Holder visits Youth UpRising. Filmed by Yoram Savion, Kash Gaines and Javier Ochoa. Edited by Yoram Savion http © YU Media-LP 2010…

A testament to secy hillary clinton – her vision from 2006 on foreign policy is now a reality(0)

Obama jokes about az law + jane brewer responding(0)

Should our president be publicly undermining Arizonas law & crime/drug/$ issue? Any thoughts? Jane brewer snaps back against his efforts to make light of the law And divide the people more for political gain. I like Jane brewer and palin. Unlike pelosi I think they are warm blooded. Right off the bat obama told minorities [...]

President obama freedom press act after beheaded journalist(0)

President Obama Freedom Press Act after Beheaded Journalist Protecting Press Freedoms Worldwide President Obama signs the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act in the Oval Office. The act helps reinforce the Nations commitment to press freedom around the world by directing the State Department to compile a report listing countries where such freedoms are [...]

The biggest mistake in american history: no experience necessary barack obama(0)

YouTuber ‘BlackAndRight’

Re: president obama on the oil spill in the gulf of mexico(0)

sorry if I get a little emotional……

In memoriam 2010(0)

Song: Gentle Soul (by Marquez/Del Castillo) In memory of Lena Horne, Andrew Koenig, Billy Mays, Brittany Murphy, Casey Johnson, Corey Haim, David Brown, Dixie Carter, Dorothy Provine, Francis Reid, Helen Wagner, Jaime Escalante, Jean Simmons, Jennifer Jackson, John Forsythe, Katherine Grayson, Lynne Redgrave, Mary Motolla, Merlin Olsen, Michael Jackson, Negrita Jayde, Patrick Swayze, Robert Culp, [...]

Cnn – obama on wall street reform(0)

President Obama says the Wall Street reform bill represents the strongest consumer financial protections in history….