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Obama grabs his ankles for wall st-gate keeper matt taibbi covers(0)

Gate Keeping sumbag Matt Taibbi talks about laying the blame on Obama and his administration for the criminal activity that is going on Wall St as this clueless idiot from the Financial Times tries to put the blame on the Bush..Understand Bush- Obama they are just puppets to the global elite..Lay the blame on Rothschild-Rockefeller-Soros-George [...]

Nwo illuminati antichrist barack obama 2009 – 2010 ww3 and the american election.avi(0)

Alex jones: us – puppet of private bankers.mp4(0)

Alex Jones, a US radio host and film director has made a documentary exposing new claims about Barack Obama. … Alex Jones US radio host film director documentary Barack Obama Bilderberg Illuminati rt russia today interview…

Barack hussein obama is the long legged mack daddy!(0)

Pastor Manning exposes Barack Obama as the long legged mack daddy – the biggest media whore/cult of personality the world has ever seen and the fascist puppet dictator who will be used to bring in the tyrannical one world government. Everyone worldwide is waking up to this charlatan and fraud and beginning to realize that [...]

Barack obama and the new world order(0)

These are clips from The Midnight Runner Radio Show. The topic was Barack Obama and The New World Order. What was once conspiracy laugh is now actually being called for from the pope of the catholic church to several world leaders including obama himself. To listen to the entire show you can download and listen [...]

Mami cabreada – barack obama no es mi presidente, es el anticristo joder(0)

Ap poll: how to pay for health overhaul? tax rich(0)

one of the few proposals in any congressional legislation that analysts say would help reduce the nation’s health expenditures. It has come under fire from organized labor and has little support in the House. … economy jobs financial crisis H1N1 swine flu vaccine CDC barack obama infowars quarantine tea party we are change Alex Jones [...]

Obama grabs his ankles-again(0)

The bought and paid 4 puppet grabs his ankles again!! Ron Paul Barack Obama Wall Street Bailout new world order global financial crisis alex jones president bush illuminati credit money freemason Commentary Analysis Documentary George Bush David Rockerfeller Rush Limbaugh O’Reilly Lou Dobbs Fox Business CNBC Reports Madoff scandal fraud street Ponzi scheme federal reserve [...]