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Barack obama – bird is the word (family guy)(0)

Obama get’s help from peter from family guy.Bird is the word!!…

Barack obama vs glenn beck @ wrestlemania 1.mpg(0)

Unable to defeat Glenn Beck inthe boxing ring, Barack Obama joins the WWE. To his misfortune, so does Glenn. Find out which superstar wins!…

Hillary clinton szaleje(0) sciagaj szybko | wyprobuj za darmo – filmy, muzyka, gry i programy zupelnie legalnie!…

Are you grizzly? all socialist squirrels are nuts!(0)

There is a Grizzly Groundswell coming to every backyard across America! Obama, Hillary & Bill Clinton and John mccain are set to round up all these home grown Grizzly Terrorists and throw them in the work camps. If you hear them ask: “Are You Grizzly?” and the other responds: “All Socialist Squirrels are Nuts!” You [...]

President obama says ax instead of ask — 02/22/2010(0)

On Feb. 2, 2010, President Barack Obama said “ax” instead of “ask” while giving a speech to National Governor’s Association about education! Ax not what your country can do for you……

Obama saves economy with ponzi scheme:

Funny Obama Video: presents “OOSAPAY”, the latest ridiculous effort by our liberal president and his socialist comrades to save the economy. The best the brightest minds in the world could come up with is – get this – a good old fashioned “get-rich-quick” pyramid scheme! Obama and the democrats are going to save us [...]

Bill maher: evan bayh, obama, cheney, socialism(0)

Bill Maher was on the Larry King show on Tuesday night (021610) and covered several topics in his usual humorous, irreverent manner including Sen. Evan Bayh’s decision to resign, Barack Obama’s need for a spine, Dick Cheney’s dishonesty, and the evils of socialism in the United States, or not….


Rep. jim himes on rep. anthony weiner talking to president obama about single payer(0)

epluribus Media presents a little humor: Rep. Jim Himes On Rep. Anthony Weiner Talking to President Obama about Single Payer……