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Grassroots for michael bennet — “alan”(0)

Alan supports Michael Bennet because he is standing up for our veterans. Learn more at:…

President obama’s motorcade chicago illinois(0)

This video was uploaded from an Android phone….

President obama: musician tax(0)

President Obama Quotes a few lines from Hip-Hop Recording Artist K-Major’s Song “MY SONG”…

President obama unconscious affair with lady gaga(0)

This breaking scandal must be a rumor . Reported by Vinny Pop…

Riffing on mail call #2: 5/3/2010(0)

The second edition of my smartass reviews of selected comments from the Herald-Mail’s Mail Call feature. This time around, calls include a Tea Partier annoyed at Barack Obama (imagine that) for not taking the movement seriously, someone who claims the key to global warming is found in the prophecies of Nostradamus, and someone from my [...]

I hate faggots!! should gay people have rights?!!(1)

We want to know if you feel like gay people should have rights. This is one of our first debates on this issue. Please leave a comment, and press like also to show you support one belief or the other. i hate fags fag faggot faggots gay people trans have rights should barack obama [...]

Presidential memorandum(0)

I discuss a memorandum released by President Obama this past week. Let’s hear a cheer for human rights.

Native news update march 2, 2010(0)

The latest round-up of News From Indian Country on the Native News Update from the studios on the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation at Reserve, Wisconsin with host Paul demain and stories on a unique gift to patients at Cherokee Nation WW Hastings Hospital, a pre-graduate program for Arizona State University, Taylor Matt and her [...]