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Hawai’i’s message to hillary: stop the wars! u.s. bases out of okinawa, guam and hawai’i(0)

A demonstration January 12, 2010 at the East West Center where Secretary of State Clinton was speaking about US policy in the Asia Pacific region. Groups came out to protest the Obama administration’s escalation of the war in Afghanistan and US plans to expand military bases in Okinawa and Guam….


Meeting president barack obama – january 1, 2010(0)

The girls had the opportunity to meet President Obama during his most recent visit to Hawaii. After playing basketball at the gym at the Kaneohe Marine base, the President came out and met with the folks who had been waiting for him. The girls were able to shake his hand, speak with him, and even [...]

Secy hillary clinton asks president obama – where the hell were you at 3 a.m. on christmas(0)

Anti terror director michael leiter skied on after failed bomb plot(0)

Not caring that 300+ people just missed having their Christmas vacation shorten for LIFE! Here we have another bad example of President Obama lack of leadership. Obama boy failed to get on the telephone and suggest Mikey get his lilly white ass back to work “Like He Should Have”!. Nope, no freaking call. Oh, I [...]

Obama surfing chinese animation(0)

Obama surfing vacation tired her daughter lying http Eat “Snow Bama” Barack Obama vacations in Hawaii with his family the day before yesterday, tasting the ice in his name “Snow Bama.” British media reports found that the US president Barack Obama (Barack Obama) holiday, it seems the more tired the more degrees. Contrary to [...]

Lucas smith presents: hawaiian birth announcements and the kenya protectorate. (barack obama)(1)

Lucas Smith presents: Hawaiian birth announcements and the Kenya Protectorate. I hope no viewers of this video misunderstand the intention of this video. This video is not in support of Barack Obama or in support of him being eligible to hold Office of US President. The first part of the video is simply stating facts [...]

President obama’s vacation in hawaii(0)

President Obama, and his escort, were spending a few hours on the south east side of the island of Oahu. This video, catches the president and his entourage, as they pass by Lani Lookout, which is where the president had scattered his grandmother’s ashes, a year before….



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